Progress Report

Progress in the PhD program and the research project is documented in the annual Progress Report Progress Report. Art.7 Section 3 (GCB Promotion Regulations) Doctoral candidates keep a study record on the progress of their doctoral studies; this is submitted once a year to the Thesis Committee and must be approved by the mentor. The GCB application date (also the official GCB registration date) is the reference date for the submission of progress reports; i.e., the first progress report is due one year after application to the GCB. Application dates are one of the three following dates: April 15, August 15, or December 15 Progress Reports are expected to be submitted beginning one month prior to the application anniversary date up until the application anniversary date. Progress Reports are emailed to Mentors: Using the Evaluation Form Progress Report, the mentors evaluate the Progress Reports and submit the evaluation forms, including confidential comments, directly to the GCB coordinator