Mid-term Evaluation

To document in-depth knowledge of the doctoral candidate’s research field and to discuss progress in the candidate’s own project. Specifically, to (1) test the candidate’s knowledge of the research field, (2) evaluate the candidate’s capacity to succeed with a PhD, (3) discuss and evaluate the progress of the research project and its feasibility for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and, (4) define the goals for the remaining period of doctoral studies.

Two years (24 months) after starting the GCB PhD program as determined by your application date (April 15, August, 15, December 15)

GCB Promotion Regulations (unofficial English translation)
Art. 7 4 After two years at the latest, the doctoral candidate presents the research data gathered up to this point to the Thesis Committee in the form of a presentation/seminar (mid-term evaluation). The Thesis Committee evaluates the performance with a grade according to Article 9 paragraph 3. [Version dated 10.10.2019/12.12.2018/24.6.2019]

The candidate is expected to organize the talk and schedule a date in agreement with the thesis committee.
Prepare your presentation/talk.
Download the Mid-term Evaluation protocol form (see bottom of this webpage for the download)
Type in the information already known, e.g.,

  • candidate Name
  • matriculation number
  • supervisor name
  • place and date of the evaluation
  • title of presentation
  • examiners’ names


  1. Give a 40-45 minute talk. The talk should be presented in a formal setting, e.g., Institute or Department Seminar in the presence of the thesis committee, and it is chaired by the mentor.
  2. The talk includes an introduction that reviews developments in the research field (putting these within the context of the candidate’s own work), an outline on the concept of the candidate’s own research, and a description of the next steps.
  3. The talk is followed by a 15- 60-minute (maximum) public discussion, chaired by the mentor. Following the public debate, a private discussion between the candidate and the thesis committee only will take place. This private dialogue is conducted according to the topics provided on the Mid-term Evaluation form.
  4. The closed discussion must include explicit advice on the continuing project progress, including the importance of the candidate being able to publish at least one original article as a first author prior to scheduling the PhD defense.

Mid-Term Evaluation

  1. Present the pre-filled mid-term evaluation form to the examiners.
  2. Give your talk and participate in the ensuing discussions according to the guidelines.
  3. Agree on your external co-referee and add the Name, Affiliation, and email address in the indicaetd place on the mid-term evaluation form. (Final approval can only be granted by the GCB Coordinator).
  4. Your thesis committee enters their respective grades and sign the form.
  5. Your thesis committee will then scan the completed, signed form and send it in .pdf format, attention to the GCB Coordinator at info@gcb.unibe.ch

Mid-Term Evaluation Documents