The PhD program requires a minimum of 6.0 ECTS credit points which can be obtained by participating in approved, scientifically oriented, project related courses, workshops, seminars and lectures during the doctoral training period. As part of the 6.0 ECTS, it is mandatory that 3.0 ECTS are acquired with lecture courses or book clubs which include a graded exam with marks, and which provide the candidate with new knowledge relevant to the research project. The individual training program assigned to each PhD candidate takes into account the student's previous training and relevance to the research work.

It is mandatory for all PhD candidates of the GCB to attend the two-hour lecture «Scientific Integrity», which is given once each semester at the University of Bern by Prof. Dr. Torsten Ochsenreiter, Institute of Cell Biology. The lecture must be taken (at least) once and is strongly recommended to be taken during the first year of the doctoral work.




PhD candidates and supervisors are encouraged to suggest topics for new courses to be added to the GCB course catalog. For suggestions, please contact the GCB Coordinator: