PhD Specializations

Within the framework of the GCB PhD Program, six PhD Specialization Programs are offered. Participants acquire ECTS in the specialization and will receive a special diploma supplement, complementing their PhD degree. As of January 2023, there will be six PhD specialization programs from which to choose: Cardiovascular Research, Cell Migration, Cutting Edge Microscopy, Neuroscience Research, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, and Tumor Biology. Each specialization is unique. However, they all collaborate with partners within and outside of the University of Bern, giving GCB students unique training and learning opportunities. Below you can select the tab for the specialization, peruse the information, download the forms and find the contact information for the program coordinators. Please contact the program coordinators directly when you have further questions or are interested in registering.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. Consider whether you would like to apply for a specializaiton when you are applying to the GCB.

You will receive information on the PhD specializations in the email following your GCB Interview. You should think about whether to apply for specialization prior to filling in your doctoral agreement so you can plan to earn the mandatory and elective ECTS to fulfil both the GCB and specialization requirements.

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The Neuroscience PhD specialization program supports training for GCB doctoral students in neuroscience during their doctorate. It includes a basic training in neuro-physiology, with an optional neuro-anatomy course, and provides an up-to-date teaching in current areas of neuroscience research and techniques through the BENEFRI Neuroscience Workshop and the BENEFRI Hands-on Workshop, respectively.