Courses and Examinations

PhD candidates may attend courses at the University of Bern or external courses and summer schools offered by other recognized institutions. Acknowledgement of external courses for the PhD are subject to the agreement of the mentor.

GCB Courses

A one-page information sheet is available to download at the end of this information. This provides you with the information you need to manage your studies and register for courses in CTS/KSL.


  1. Download the GCB CTS / KSL Information sheet (below) for a one-page guide to the course planning and administraiton system.
  2. Most courses offered by the University of Bern, including those by the GCB, are administered using the CTS/KSL platform. This includes course and exam registration.
  3. Exams - the course organizers (institution) will schedule the respective examination or performance assessment and specify its format. Registration is predominantly via CTS/KSL.
  4. Access to the CTS/KSL platform is available only by log-in with your SWITCH edu-ID.
  5. Technical problems with CTS/KSL log-in should be addressed directly to the CTS/KSL support team. Include your full name and matriculation number with the request, as well as KSL Root Nr. and relevant semester, e.g. FS20xx if the issue relates to a particular course..
  6. Learning videos are available on the CTS/KSL website and in the CTS/KSL platform.


University of Zurich (Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich) PhD Students

  1. Register at the University of Bern to receive your campus account and link your SWITCH edu.ID to have access to the CTS/KSL platform.
  2. Proceed with the steps above.


External Coursework completed outside the University of Bern




For Approval

  1. Agree with your supervisor on relevance of course to your individual PhD studies.
  2. Record the course, summer school, workshop, conference, etc. on your doctoral agreement in either the mandatory requirements or additional attainments table along with the suggested ECTS.
  3. Submit completed, fully signed and dated Doctoral Agreement to the GCB Coordinator for final approval, the review for which is (a) determination of appropriateness of the course and, (b) number of ECTS to be granted.

Approved coursework - all institutions

  1. Register for the course or examination directly with the organizer indicated on the course description. Indicate your study program (e.g. «PhD candidate of the GCB»), and your University matriculation number (this information should be included on the certificate of completion).
  2. Obtain a signed course certificate from the course lecturers when you attend an individual course (single participant) or an external course.
  3. Blank University of Bern certificate forms may be downloaded from this GCB Website page (below).
  4. All certificates require:

  • First name, Family name & Matriculation number
  • Official course title
  • Organizing institution
  • Name and title of lecturer(s)
  • Grade or pass
  • Date of exam or of completion of course
  • Number of ECTS

Submit Certificate of Completion

Upon course/workshop/seminar completion - submit the following by email to to obtain the ECTS credits and have those credits added to your planning in CTS/KSL:

  1. the original or a PDF* of your individual/external course certificate
  2.  a pdf of your signed doctoral agreement with the course listed**

*when the course is not listed on your DA, please submit course information (content, effort in terms of hours, exams, presentations, etc.) for (a) determination of course appropriateness and, (b) decision on number of ECTS to be awarded.
**Please note, photos (jpgs, tif, png, etc.) are not accepted: Submit only scanned, individual pdf formats. Students with smartphones, can use the scan feature in the Notes app. All smartphone user have access to a variety of free or low-cost scanning applications.