Graduations in 2021

GCB Graduates 2021 in alphabetical order.

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Aydin Sidar, PhD in Immunology (February 5)
Theodor Kocher Institute, Medical Faculty (Prof. Britta Engelhardt)
«Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in CD8+ T-cell migration across the blood-brain barrier during immunosurveillance and neuroinflammation»



Maud Bagnoud, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (March 26)
University hospital, Medical Faculty (Prof. Andrew Hao-Kuang Chan)
«Mechanisms to Improve Glucocorticosteroid Efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis»

Marius Reto Bigler, Doctor of Medicine and Philosphy (MD, PhD) (June 9)
Department of Cardiology, Bern University Hospital, Medical Faculty (Prof. Christian Seiler)
«Intracoronary electrocardiogram as a direct measure of myocardial ischernia»

Michael Brilhante Quinta, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (January 27)
Institute for Veterinärbakteriologie, Vetsuisse Faculty ( Prof. Vincent Perreten, Prof Andrea Endimiani)
«Unveiling the nature of antibiotic resistance using next-generation sequencing»

Melanie Brügger, PhD in Cell Biolgy (May 20)
Institute of Virology and Immunology, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (PD Dr. Marco Alves)
«The role of the pulmonary mesenchymal compartment during respiratory syncytial virus disease»

Julia Bruggisser, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (March 25)
Institute of animal pathology, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (Prof. Horst Posthaus)
«Clostridium Perfringens β-Toxin Receptor Identification and Oligomer Structure»



Martina Caliò, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (April 12)
Institute of Surgical Technology and Biomechanics (ISTB), Medical Faculty
«Intervertibral disc disease and osteorathritis: Approchaing the research needs using RNA sequencing and mechanical unloading»

Lara Contu, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (April 6)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern, Faculty of Science (Prof. Oliver Mühlemann)
«Novel interplays between Semliki Forest virus and the host cell»



Etienne de Coulon, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (March 22)
Institute for Physiology, Faculity of Medicine (Prof. Stephan Rohr)
«Development of a Device Suitable for the Acute Assessment of Stretch Activated Ion Channels during Patch Clamp Experiments »

Coralie Dessauges, PhD in Cell Biology (May 3, 2021)
Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Science (Prof. Olivier Pertz)
«An optogenetic actuator/biosensor circuit for large scale interrogation of MAPK signaling dynamics»

Noëlle Annick Dommann, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (June 14)
Visceral and Transplantation Surgery, Medical Faculty (Prof. Deborah Stroka)
«Unraveling proliferation by mapping origins of replications and the function of Ajuba»



Pascal Peter Ender, PhD in Cell Biology (March 18)
Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Science (Prof. Olivier Pertz)
«Spatio-temporal Control of ERK Pulse Frequency Coordinates Fate Decisions during Mammary Acinar Morphogenesis»



Tim Alois Fischer, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (May 6)
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Medical Faculty (Prof. Marco Caversaccio, PD Dr. Wilhelm Wimmer)
«Spatial Hearing with Cochlear Implants: Development and Evaluation of Signal Processing Strategies»

Tatiana Fountoukidou, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (May 4)
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Medical Faculty (Prof. Raphael Sznitman)
«Towards safer machine learning for ophthalmology applications»

Bettina Sarah Frauchiger, Doctor of Medicine and Philopshy (MD, PhD) (June 2)
Division of Respiratoy Medicine, Department of Paediatrics, University Children’s Hospital of Bern, Medical Faculty (Prof. Philipp Latzin)
«Multiple-Breath-Washout in Pediatric Lung Diseases: Transition from a specialized tool to widespread clinical application»



Matthieu Marc Alexandre Gast, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biolgy (March 1, 2021)
Department of Experimental Clinical Research and Veterinary Public Health, Vetsuisse Faculty (PD Dr. Philippe Plattet)
«Paramyxovirus cell-exit: basic research and antivirals development»

Sandra Glasmacher, PhD in Biochemistr and Molecular Biolgy (February 19)
Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (IBMM), Medical Faculty (Prof. Jürg Gertsch)
«Analytical insights into the endocannabinoid system: from lipids to peptides»

Bulent Gözel, PhD in Biochemsitry and Molecular Bioogy (April 29)
Department of Neurological Sciences, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (Prof. Anna Oevermann)
«Impact of lineage I and rhombencephalitis-associated genes on infection cycle of Listeria monocytogenes in neural and non-neural cells»

Matthieu Guichard, PhD in Biochemstiry and Molecular Biology (January 20)
Agroscope, Swiss Bee Research Centre, Vetsuisse Faculty (Dr. Benjamin Dainat, Prof. Tosso Leeb)
«Evaluating the potential for selecting resistance traits against Varroa destructor in honey bees»



Anthony Willy Hauser, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (February 5)
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM), Medical Faculty (Prof. Matthias Egger)
«Modelling HIV Drug Resistance in Southern Africa»

Jan Wolfgang Henkel, PhD in Computational Biology (May 6)
Institute of Genetics, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (Prof. Tosso Leeb)
«Genetic analysis of coat color phenotypes in domestic animals»

Melle Holwerda, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (March 11, 2021)
Institute of Virology, Vetsuisse Faculty (Prof. Ronald Dijkman)
«Establishment of tools to investigate the zoonotic potential of Influenza D virus.»


Suyi Hu, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (May 18)
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Medical Faculty (Prof. Marco Caversaccio, PD Dr. Wilhelm Wimmer, Prof. Raphael Sznitman)
« Bayesian Brain-Inspired Computational Modeling of Tinnitus and Residual Inhibition»





Aurelio Jenni, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (June 9)
Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Medical Faculty (Prof. Peter Bütikofer)
«The Role of TbGPI2 in GPI and N-Glycan Biosynthesis»



Sarah Kaiser-Thom, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Philosphy (DVM, PhD) (February 21)
Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine (ISME), Vetsuisse Faculty
«Investigation of the microbiota in equine pastern dermatitis – bacterial community structure, isolates and resistance profiles»

Satish Kantipudi, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (April 28)
RTORG Center / AIMI, Medical Faculty (Prof. Dimitrios Fotiadis)
«Heterologous overexpression of human membrane proteins in yeast for functional studies»

Larissa Kernen, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (January 13)
Centre for Fish and Wildlife Health, Vetsuisse Faculty (Prof. Helmut Segner)
«Impact of environmental estrogens on the thymus of zebrafish»

Elena Kreutzer, PhD in Neurosciences (April 15)
Department of Physiology, Medical Faculty
«Natural-gradient learning for spiking neurons»

Thomas Kevin Kurmann, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (May 20)
ARTORG, Medical Faculty (Prof. Raphael Sznitman)
«From Diagnosis to Surgery: Towards Artificial Intelligence based Medical Assistants»



Anna Letko, PhD in Computational Biology (May 17)
Institute of Genetics, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (Prof. Cord Drögemüller)
«Molecular characterization of rare forms of canine neurological diseases as potential models for similar human diseases»

Yuanzhen Liu, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (April 8)
Institute of Bee Health, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern
«Evolutionary genomics of an invasive species: the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida Murray (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)»

Laurent Pascal Georges Lejeune, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (April 19)
ARTORG Center / AIMI, Medical Faculty
«Annotating Medical Sequences in the Blink of an Eye: Segmention of Video and Volumetric Medical Sequences at Frame-rate using Sparse Point-wise Supervision »



Anjani Kumar Maurya, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (March 11)
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Faculty (Prof. Alex Dommann)
«Multiscale structural decoding of fibers and designing responsive nanofibrous materials»

Josep Maria Monné Rodriguez, DVM PhD (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Philosophy) (May 4)
Institute of Veterinary Pathology, Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich (Prof. Anja Kipar)
«Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: an out-of-hand cardiac remodelling scenario?»

Rebeca Mozún Torríco, Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy (MD, PhD) (May 21)
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, Medical Faculty Bern (Prof. Claudia Kühni)
«Respiratory epidemiology of schoolchildren in Switzerland: symptoms, risk factors and lung function»

Catrina Mugglin, Doctor of Medicine and Philopshy (MD, PhD) (June 2)
ISPM, Medical Faculty (Prof. Matthias Egger, Prof. Olivia Keiser)
«From acute to chronic - HIV care in teh era of widely available antiretroviral therapy in low resource settings»



Pascal Näf, PhD in Immunology (May 31)
Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR), Medical Faculty (Prof. Adrian Ochsenbein)
«The Role of IL‐33/ST2 Signaling in Hematopoiesis and Myeloid Leukemia»



Maria Otth, Doctor of Medicine and Philosphy (MD, PhD) (March 11)
ISPM, Faculty of Medicine (Prof. Claudia Kühni)
«Pulmonary disease, its risk factors and necessity for long-term follow-up care in childhood cancer survivors»










Carmen Alexandra Nadine Sautter, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Philosophy (DVM, PhD) (March 11)
Institute of Virology and Immunology, Vetsuisse Faculty (Prof. Arthur Summerfield)
«Towards understanding humoral and cellular immune responses against the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus»

Dominic Manuel Schärer, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (May 28)
University Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Medical Faculty (Prof. Carlo Largidièr)
«Fluoropyrimidine toxicity: hunting the missing heritability using a phenotyping approach»

Yannick Raphael Suter, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (April 14)
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Medical Faculty
«Advanced Machine Learning Technologies for Robust Longitudinal Radiomics and Response Assessment in Glioblastoma Multiforme»



Leticia Tavares-Gomes, PhD in Neurosciences (March 24)
Division of Neurological Sciences, DCR-VPH, Vetsuisse Faculty (Prof. Anna Oevermann)
«Divergent lifestyle of Listeria monocytogenes in bovine microglia and monocyte-derived macrophages»

Maximilien Victor Tholl, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (March 31)
sitem Center for Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship, Medical Faculty (PD Dr. Andreas Häberlin, Prof. Hildegard Tanner)
«Iniracorporal energy harvesiing for cardiovascular implaniable elecironic devices»







Pablo Arnold Winzer, PhD in Immunolgy (May 4)
Institute of Parasitology, Vetsuisse Faculty Bern (Prof. Andrew Hemphill)
«Molecular changes of Neospora caninum treated with the calcium dependent protein kinase 1 inhibitor BKI-1294 and implications on the immune response»