Courses and Examinations

PhD candidates may attend courses at the University of Bern or external courses and summer schools offered by other recognized institutions. Acknowledgement of external courses for the PhD are subject to the agreement of the mentor.

  • The institution which organizes a course will also schedule the respective examination or performance assessment and specify its format.
  • Most courses and examinations offered by the University of Bern are administered and recorded using the CTS/KSL platform. You are expected to check this out well in time directly with the course organizers. Registration deadlines must be respected; late registrations will not be accepted. Access to the CTS/KSL platform is available only by log-in with your student campus account «». Your institute campus account is not valid in CTS/KSL. Register for the course or examination in the «planning view» of your personal profile. The course result will be recorded by the CTS/KSL administrator, and you will receive an automatically generated e-mail message to your student campus account informing you of the new entry.—Your enquiries concerning technical problems with CTS/KSL log-in should be addressed directly to the CTS/KSL support team, indicating your full name and matriculation number. Further support is available on the CTS/KSL website and in the learning videos provided on the CTS/KSL platform.

If you are performing your doctoral studies at the University of Zurich (Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich), you must be registered at the University of Bern in order to have access to the CTS/KSL platform via your Bern student campus account. For participation in courses offered by the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich or other universities, you are requested to follow the procedure for external courses, i.e. courses not using the CTS/KSL, (see sections below).

  • In cases where CTS/KSL registration is not available, you are requested to register for the course or examination directly with the organizer mentioned on the course description, indicating your study program (e.g. «PhD candidate of the GCB»), and your University matriculation number.
  • If you are attending an individual course (single participant) or an external course, you should download and fill in the form Course Certificate (PDF, 160KB), and hand it over to the responsible lecturer(s), who should complete the form, including course result, date, and signature.

Please submit either the original or a scanned PDF of your individual/external course certificate to the GCB, for registration of the course on the CTS/KSL platform. You are requested to use PDF format only, and to not submit images (jpg, tif, png), nor photographs of certificates using smartphones.

  • Official course certificates issued by external organizing institutions are also accepted, as long as they contain all the relevant information, including at least your name, the official course title, organizing institution, name of lecturer(s), grade or pass, date of exam or of completion of course, and ECTS (if known). In such cases as well, you are requested to use PDF format only, and to not submit images (jpg, tif, png), nor photographs of certificates using smartphones. Make sure to include a PDF of the official course program or a weblink to a detailed course description with such certificates, in order to allow for an evaluation of the ECTS earned for the course.
  • Only courses which include some type of performance assessment are eligible for awarding ECTS.