MD-PhD Program & Fellowships

MD-PhD Program

The MD-PhD Program is intended for medical graduates interested in experimental research and aiming at an academic career. A structured training program within the framework of the GCB enables them to acquire a high standard of knowledge in natural sciences and physiology. According to the guidelines of the National MD-PhD Program, candidates should already start their training in the course of their medical studies and follow relevant courses simultaneously with their medical curriculum.

The Coordinator of the GCB advises medical students in their second to fourth year and assists them in putting together an individual training program.

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MD-PhD Fellowships

The National MD-PhD Program, which is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW), and several other foundations, awards 9 to 13 fellowships every year to outstanding medical candidates (Human as well as Veterinary Medicine) studying at Swiss Universities.

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Interested candidates should contact PD Dr. Marlene Wolf, Coordinator, for an appointment. Applications should subsequently be sent to the GCB, using the MD-PhD Application Form.

Applications should be sent to the GCB, following the procedure indicated on the PDF document «MD-PhD Fellowship Application» (see above).

Deadline: every year on December 15

The applicants will be invited to present their research project. The PhD Committee of the GCB then creates a shortlist of prospective candidates from which the Swiss national inter-university committee (including representatives of the sponsoring organizations) will make the final selection. Earliest possible start date for funding: Fall of the year following the deadline.